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    Mar 14th

    Kiss Me I’m Irish Flashing Buttons

    Saint Patrick’s Day Gifts for Kids can be simple little treats to celebrate the day. From luck charms to buttons and toys, there are lots of great ideas for Saint Patrick’s Day gifts that you can get for your kids.

    This Kiss Me I’m Irish button would be fun for kids to wear for the day and it has green in it so they will be pinch proof and can get some kisses too. Here are some more great gift ideas for Saint Patrick’s Day.

    Saint Patrick’s Day Stickers can be fun for kids. You can use them to decorate or in a Saint Patrick’s Day craft. Teachers and parents can use them as rewards for kids on Saint Patrick’s Day and during the month of March.

    St. Patrick’s Day Motivational Stickers

    Saint Patrick’s Day Beards can be a silly gift to give to kids. They can pretend to be leprechauns with beards or just goofy people with green mustaches.

    St. Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Facial Hair

    Saint Patrick’s Day Four Leaf Clover

    Swarovski Element Crystal Four Leaf Clover Pendant

    A Saint Patrick’s Day Four Leaf Clover as a lucky charm is a nice gift idea. This four leaf clover stone is something kids will enjoy and keep as a good luck charm.

    Four Leaf Clover Stone

    Saint Patricks Day Gifts for Kids

    Saint Patrick’s Day Pencils – 144 per set

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